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Topic Title: Ham Slice
Created on February 4, 2013 at 05:18 PM


Well, I just had a Wrangler installed on my deck. I had it hooked up to my natural gas line. Hoping I didn't make a mistake after reading about how it doesn't have a "smoked taste". I was used to a regular gas grill.
Question is this - I'm used to cooking on the old grill, a "ham slice" - you know those 1/2" thick slices about the size of a plate. I usually make a glaze of brown sugar and orange juice - any hints on what to do?? Just put it on and leave it until ready to flip it?? Length of time?? It's not in the recipe book. Thanks for any hints ~

Tom Kirkman

A 1/2 inch slice won't take long. I would try maybe 4 minutes per side and see how it goes. You can add another minute or two, or deduct depending on how it comes out. Write it down. Once you figure out how long it takes to cook various items you can replicate it over and over and over.

For smoke flavor, put some flav-o-buds in the chip tray.

I do hope your grill regulator is set up for gas and not propane.