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Topic Title: Pre cooked ham time and hints ?
Created on February 18, 2013 at 08:15 PM


How long to cook pre cooked spiral ham
Almost 10 pounds ,wast planing on putting fluid in drip pan



Can't give you a time. However I'd use a remote read thermometer and get the internal temp up between 130-140 Deg and your done.

Couple of ideas.

I've cooked these numerous times on my BGE's and Hollands. I'd get some food netting and wrap the ham or if no food netting around tie up the ham with Kite String. You want to do this so as the ham slices do not flop down and then dry out the edges of the slices.

Additionally if you intend to glaze the ham, 86 the included ham glaze packet my experience is that they are dreadful. Whip one up of your own or try Virginia Gentlman Maple Glaze sauce with bourbon. (If you taste this out of the bottle you will want to shoot me) Trust me on this the ham will be just fine. Glaze the Ham when its internal temp is 120 deg and continue to cook.

One last thing you can add some additional smoke to the process. It does no harm the ham but have to admit its much easier to do on the BGE but not impossible to do on the Holland in your chip drawer or prior to the cook with a smoke cone.