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Topic Title: Frozen Brats
Created on May 22, 2008 at 10:59 PM


OK -- All of us believers know that everything tastes better on a Holland, including bratwurst. But if you're like our family, you usually have a partial package of them (or hot links, italian sausage, etc.) left over, which you freeze. PLEASE DON'T THAW THEM! Just go right from the freezer to the preheated grill for 15 min on one side, and 5-6 min on the other, and they come out perfect!
Try THAT on a charbroil!

LP Indirector

Alright then, I'm throwing the leftover brats in the freezer. I'll grill them next week sometime.

NC Steve

An "adult" method, thaw the brats, place them in a pan, allow them to soak in beer - place the pan on the grill and allow them to heat up. Then place them on the grill for the desired cooking effect and browning process. I use a small cake pan and Youngs Double Choclate Stout. At first thought it was a waste Youngs Double Choclate, until we enjoyed the brats.


OK, NC.........when I grow up, I'll try that. While I'm at it, I'll prolly put some onions in there with that beer.

But for just an easy, get the brats on the plate method, the childish method is awfully good. I did forget to mention the small foil pan of kraut sitting next to the brats!


A great brat recipe: Grill your brats to about 85% done. close the drip valve and add beer, place your brats together and top with sliced onion, sauerkraut, and slice jalapeno peppers. close the lid and let the brats steam for 10-15 minutes. Serve brats with the toppings from the grill.