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Topic Title: TRIED EVERYTHING AND!!!!!!!
Created on March 2, 2013 at 02:14 AM


I found used legacy SS. cleaned up. performed up keep. never have gotten temp to get hot enough. now before you say read support page, or i don't know what I'm doing know i have tried everything Holland says to do. new regulator, tried different tanks, cleaned burner more than once, reset regulator. my dad has classic I and it performs great. I'm not a Holland hater. we are puzzled with this grill.


How does your flame look?

William T

AJ is correct. The appearance of the flame is your best clue.

Short blue flame: Not enough gas to the burner. Regulator or gas valve are partially blocked.

Yellow orange flame: Not enough air to the burner. Air-shutter adjustment or blocked burner.

If you need more help, you must be specific about the flame & the actual temperature the grill is preheating to.


My SS Legacy is about 9 years old and I had a simular experience. Tried everything that was relatively easy. Then dicide to take the grill apart and and remove the diffuser/heat shield to get to the burner itself. On the top of the burner are a couple of screws that I was able to get loose finally and opened the top of the burner.

Once opened I knew immediately what the problem was. Much rust had scaled (big chunkies) away and clogged up the burner. These big peices of rust would have never been cleaned out without opening up the burner itself. Cleaned it out and no issues since.


flame looks textbook. i am going to take apart againg and go throgh one more time.

@ Justin

Make sure you vacuum out the venturi neck on the burner from the front of the grill. Take the gas valve off & use a strong vacuum or shop-vac.
Info on cleaning out the burner is under "Support" on the web-site.
This is something that should be done every few years on all Holland grills.


Older Hollands sometimes have lid temp. gauges that give low readings, I've found this with several older Hollands and at first thought I too had low heat. Once I installed a new oval lid gauge I realized that I had a proper heading grill. You might try this and be very surprised at the results, if all else is working as expected.


it has the older temp gauge and im know they were not top of the line but i did not rely on it. the grill will not get hot enough to even make the meat juice up and drip and smoke. put loin chops on it last week after doing everything once more and after and hour meat was still pink. finished in pan on stove.