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Topic Title: Grilling with Holland for 35 years
Created on March 18, 2013 at 04:42 PM

Scott Skillman

I have been grilling with the Holland Epic for over 35 years. I think it's funny the people I have barbecued for and have loved my always great smoky cooked meat say how do you cook meat like that? I always say the same thing "I barbecue on a Holland Grille"! I tell them it will out barbecue any pit you put up against it! Thank you all for making the most easy to use barbecue that always adds the most incredible flavor to any meat you grille.


@Scott When you do a Butt on the Holland how many times do you usually have to refill the water in the pan? I have 3 smokers I use but I want to use the Holland and try one. Thanks for any info you may have or provide..


@jm--try this method. Season the butt with your favorite rub; Grill on the Holland (no water in pan) for 2 hours; Then double-wrap butt very tight in heavy duty foil, grill for 2 more hours or until meat reaches 180 degrees. When they're done, leave in foil and put in cooler for another 2 hours where they'll steam in their own juices. Fall off the bone buddy and delicious.


@Carl I will give it a try this weekend. Thanks...