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Topic Title: Heat adjustment
Created on March 24, 2013 at 06:52 PM


I just bought a new Holland "Maverick". I was told the cooking temperature would be 400 degrees. My grill stays at about 450 to 470. Is there an adjustment.

Stafford P

Your temp is normal for the newer model grills. They get hotter than the older grills because customers were asking for more heat on the older models.


450 degrees is normal & usually drops to 400 degrees after the break-in period & also after loaded down with food.


I have had my Epic since around the first of the year (2013), like yours mine was hotter when it was new but now it rocks right around 400 deg. I cooked about 2 lbs of bacon yesterday and it cooked between 380 and 410, outside temp was around 34.


I have a champion. It cools down once I add meat. Temp wont go back up enough. I need to change the orfice. Does anyone know where to get one.

@n David

There is only one orifice size for the COMPANION grill. If it is not pre-heating to the normal 400/450, call Holland. They can tell you how to adjust the regulator.

BTW...The temp will always go down some when opening the lid to add food, but it should recover in a few minutes.

Tom Kirkman

Try an oven thermometer on the grid to see what your real cooking temp is. I've found the oblong temp gauges on the newer grills to be way, way off. Generally they should be about 25F lower than the actual grip temp, but in both cases with mine, they're almost 75F to 100F higher than the grid temp. And... there's no way to calibrate them like you could with the old round temp gauge.