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Topic Title: love tradition holland grill please advise
Created on April 4, 2013 at 10:40 PM

ron roberts

I bought my red holland tradition grill at my local ace hardware store some 14 or more years ago. It has never failed me and I would recommend a holland to anyone as a great investment. Recently the bottom piece of metal under the top drain has rusted into and I took it out. The ignitor has stopped working, but most of all it has began to turn the meat black with soot. It looks great on the outside and I have a sentimental attachment to it since it is a georgia bulldog red grill that has many great memories. Can someone at holland or a fellow grill owner tell me what needs replacing and some general information as to what I should do next.

@ Ron M

You most likely have the original Holland Tradition, model BH421SG-4 LER. The red lid would indicate that it is the Limited Edition version.
If you are talking about the "flame deflector" which is directly above the burner, it can be replaced with the current stainless steel deflector. The black soot is happening because you needed to clean out the inside of the burner long ago. Check the "Trouble-shooting" section under "Support".
Most of all you need to call Holland for advice. It sounds like the grill has not seen much maintenance over the years.