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Topic Title: Companion not heating up and it wont stay lit.
Created on April 12, 2013 at 03:09 PM

Jeff H

How do I adjust the regulator on the companion grill so that it will stay lit and run hotter

Jeff H

What is the wind blocker attachment i read about in a previous post?


I believe the wind blocker may be something someone made themselves. Try removing the orifice on the regulator & blowing some compressed air through the regulator from the input side. Use low pressure. I had found mine had water or condensation in it.
The other thing that happens is sometimes the burner, which is just a tube with holes front & back, will get old & crack. This lowers the back pressure & creates a "lazy" flame that is very easily blown out.
Hope this helps.

@ Jeff H

The adjustment (calibration) screw is in the stem under the knob. 1/16" allen wrench, clockwise to increase gas pressure, counterclockwise to decrease. Be careful, not too hot, about 450 max or you will damage your grill. You really should be talking to Holland about this instead of taking your chances on a blog

BTW-The "wind blocker" is a factory add-on that I got from Holland.