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Topic Title: Apex - Temp issue or not?
Created on April 14, 2013 at 11:00 AM


I'm wondering if my Apex is working properly or not. Example, yesterday we had guests and I planned on cooking boneless chicken breasts. I let the grill preheat for 30 minutes. The temp said around 410 degrees. I put 10 pieces of chicken on the grill. It took an hour before the chicken was done. Also, with two very nice sized rib-eyes, 1 lb each, it will take almost an hour for medium well. Is this normal or should it be cooking faster?


OK, I cleaned my grill yesterday with Dawn Power Dissolver. Oh my gosh, this stuff is amazing at cleaning the SS Apex. There was little to no scrubbing.

I have not checked the temp(hopefully will today) tot see if there is a difference but I would like to make the grill a little hotter if it's possible. I would like to see the temp at 450. Anyone have any ideas? Would blocking off the stacks a little help?

Floyd A

Your barking up the wrong tree. Don't block the stacks!
Your Apex properly set-up & adjusted should preheat to 450/475. Find out what is not correct & correct it.
Have you checked the "Support" section on the web-site. Under "Trouble-shooting" there is a link called "Grill not getting hot". May I suggest that you start there. If that doesn't work call Holland.


Thanks. I took the burner apart after cleaning the grill but didn't see any problems there. The burner was quite rusty though. I also disconnected the gas and reconnected it. I fired it up last night for the first time since the cleaning and the temp went to 450. I'll see how it goes this weekend. Cooking steaks for a bday party.


You will find that even though the temp is at 400-475 on your gauge (might put an oven thermometer on the cooking surface to be sure the gauge is correct or close) when you put the food on, the more food you put on the grill the low the temp will become and the longer it will take to cook your food. There is a lot of energy being obsorbed by the food during that cooking time. I have seen guys put enough food on thier grills for 15 people and wonder why it takes so long to cook. You have to plan for your time vs amont of food being cooked. More food, more time. Happy Cooking.... (=:)


Thanks to all for the responses. I'm happy to report that the steaks I cooked yesterday turned out great and cooked in good time. I preheated for 30 minutes and the temp was around 460-470 on the gauge. I plan on getting on to set on the rack also. I put 4 huge steaks on and the temp hovered around 420, well above what I had been seeing.

Also, truth be told, I was cutting the gas on incorrectly every time. I had always cut the gas off at the tank FIRST. Not sure if it was a two part problem on really dirty drip and pan incorrect turn off procedure or one of the two. At any rate, it seems to be working great right now.


Sorry for bad grammar above. Typing on a smartphone!