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Topic Title: Same problem with Apex!
Created on April 14, 2013 at 03:57 PM


As terrific as the Apex grill is I had the exact same problem. Finally just gave up on a handle for the door and just pull it open from the top. The double walled front door is now filled with washers and assorted screws -none of which fit the knob!

Now when I open the door it makes an annoying rattling sound with screws and washers I cannot retrieve from the bottom of the double walled door.
I use needle nosed pliers to get screws through the hole but the goofy knob uses a special screw thread -NOT included in $1,100+ grill! Goofy.


I didn't see the original post but lets see if I can help.
If you dropped a screw or screws down inside the door try a magnet on a piece of fishing string to get them out.
As far as keeping the screws from falling down during assembly I use an R2 phillips bit in a magnetic holder.
I have assembled dozens of these grills so if you have a screw that does not fit the knob perhaps you have used the correct one somewhere else or just lost it. Call Holland, they will be glad to send you whatever you need. Just have the serial # from the front of the grill handy.