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Topic Title: Ribs on the Holland Video
Created on April 18, 2013 at 09:57 PM

Tom Kirkman

I shot this as an aid to those wanting to get moisture and smoke into ribs on the Holland. This is how I do them, your mileage may vary.


Nice video Tom. I have always done them one one of my smokers but you made it look so easy and now I am gonna give them a shot on the Epic... Thanks...


Tom, great video. Do you use the Holland pellets or wood chips?

Tom Kirkman

I use the wood pellets. They seem to smoke for a long, long time once they take off.

I had been using my Traeger wood pellet stove for ribs, and it's fantastic for that with a really deep, strong smoke ring into the meat. Traegers are famous for their ribs - they smoke like a house on fire. But I can do nearly as well on the Holland with the smoke flavor but the ribs are much juicer due to using the steamer function the Holland offers.


I watched your youtube video and tried sitting the smoker box on top of the flame shield like you did. Within five minutes, had flames coming up around the grill cooking grid and burning the edge of the meat. How did you keep your wood pellets from catching fire??

Tom Kirkman

NO idea - mine simply didn't catch fire. They just smoldered. What type pellets did you use? Maybe that has something to do with it.

If they actually catch fire they aren't going to last very long.


I was using the small wood chips. I'll give the pellets a try and see if that will work better.

Tom Kirkman

I don't think the pellets will catch fire. They just smoulder and smoke.

The Holland Co

Tom Kirkman is one of our most loyal Holland customers. We always appreciate his insight & tips.
However, as a company, we do not recommend and in fact discourage, placing a container of wood chips or buds directly on top of the "Flame deflector" under the drip pan.
The reason being that they can catch fire under certain conditions & that can result in a fire in the drip pan, possibly causing damage to the grill.


I've now tried your method with wood chips and the wood pellets and had a very nice FIRE with both within minutes. I know every grill is a little different but on my grill, the hottest part of the grill on the left edge. I went to Lowe's and purchased one of those small metal smoke boxes and place it on top of the drip pan to the left side of the grill and get better smoke than from the smoker drawer. My smoker drawer works ok but it takes over an hour for it to heat the drawer enough to see any smoke. I have even thought about adding a "Smoke Daddy" to the grill but haven't gone that far yet.