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Topic Title: Cleaning
Created on April 22, 2013 at 07:23 AM


I put an old towel in the sink to keep from scratching the sink and use a Brillo pad on the grid...easy to clean. I wish the grid had rounded smooth corners so it would be easier to clean. The power washer is a good idea if you have one and putting on oven cleaner then placing grid in a sealed plastic bag for 24 hrs then rinse is good too but I have not heard of the oven cleaner in a bag method before...plan on trying that...thanks. I want to keep my grill clean! That is just me...but that is the way I roll.


Has anyone tried adding water to the drip pan and letting the resulting "steam" assist with cleaning?

Any reason I shouldn't try this?


For the cooking grate like youI've had success giving it a good scouring. Then have hit it with barkeepers friend too get that darker baked on grease off. After it looks pretty clean throw it in the dishwasher and you will be surprised at the results.


I've had some success at steaming out the drip pan. However, I've had equal if not better success using a plastic putty knife and scraping out the chunkies while the grill is cooling down. Then just transferring the chunkies with the putty knife to a paper towel and pitching them. This route does give you a pretty clean drip pan but it does not look like wehn the drip pan is brand new.


Thanks for the responses. I actually did purchase and use various size plastic putty knives to get the chunkies off the drip pan. I'll try the Bar Keeper's friend and dishwasher methods for the cooking grate.

I thought I read somewhere in the blog that you really shouldn't try to get the drip pan back to it's original condition because it actually acts like a seasoned iron skillet. I have no idea if that is true but it sounds reasonable.

I also read that some use Dawn Power Resolver - I assume that is for cleaning the inside of the hood and/or body of the grill (mine is the Apex)so I've also purchased some of that product but haven't had the opportunity to try it.

Thanks again.


I've found that leaving a bit of grease in the drip pan is okay. If you clean it too much I feel it works against you in flavor during the cook.
Dawn Power Dissover is good stuff. Very hard to find now but I can still get it on occaison at ACE or Tru Value. Works great as a degreaser to clean the cooking grate, stainless steel outside of grill etc. Bar Keepers Friend also works great to keep the SS on the outside of the grill looking awesome. Either in Powder form or the liquid premixed form of BKF makes no difference. Can find BKF in some grocery stores, I've never seen a Home Depot that did not carry it.


There is no need to look any further than Dawn Power Dissolver. It is simply amazing. I cleaned my 1 year old grate that was solid brown, with ease after letting it soak with DPD. Bottom line, GO GET SOME OF THE STUFF NOW! :)


Dawn Power Dissolver - WOW! This stuff is magic. I sprayed both sides of the grate Saturday morning, sealed it inside a large trash bag and went to work on my Honey-do list. Came back to it several hours later with a Scotch Brite pad and the garden hose. The heavily baked on gunk literally fell of. I think I'll have my local ACE order a case of it for me.


When it comes to grills I have found that you want to season the lid and (in this case with a Holland) the drip pan.Think about it...where do you put your flavor buds (wood chips)? That should be close to the drip pan as the grease from the food drips it is steaming back up with the flavors from the grease!! Also, the salsesman told us that the drip pan should not be cleaned except with the scrapper (putty knife)! I like the idea w/the barkeepers friend for the grid!

Tom Kirkman

Steaming will indeed help clean the grill's drip pan. I try to arrange my meals so that about every 3rd or 4th one is done using steam mode. This effectively cleans the drip pan very well.


i power washed my cooking grate one time, and will never do it again, because it took all the flavor away the next time i cooked a steak.. use what they tell you, putty knife for your cooking grate and drip pan. ONLY . PERIOD. CLEAN YOUR GRILL AS NEEDED


"i power washed my cooking grate one time, and will never do it again, because it took all the flavor away the next time i cooked a steak.. use what they tell you, putty knife for your cooking grate and drip pan. ONLY . PERIOD. CLEAN YOUR GRILL AS NEEDED"

I completely agree! There is no need to keep the grate or drip pan as clean or cleaner than you keep your oven in your kitchen.
I am convinced some people are obsessed with having their Holland grill spotless.