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Topic Title: What's the difference
Created on May 24, 2008 at 01:59 PM

Dennis TN

Hi, I just bought my Holland Epic grill. During assembly I realized that I have a Heritage Plus Bottom and the rest is an Epic!

Other than the front chip drawer, can anyone tell me the difference between the two?

I have used it a lot in the last 3 days, since finishing assembly and I really like the way it cooks.



Your Epic has an aluminum bottom, but it is not a Heritage Plus bottom. Lots of difference in the mounting hole patterns. The other major difference, as I'm sure you can see, is that the Epic has the nice cabinet bottom with a door & room to put your tools & seasonings. It is also a sturdier design than the Heritage.
The Heritage is based on the old well proven Classic design that has been Holland's best seller for years.