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Topic Title: Pork Ribs how long to go?
Created on April 26, 2013 at 01:56 AM

Bob Bailey

I have cut my pork ribs into individual pieces, and soak them over night in a marinade, of cut up squeezed lemons add the skins, onions, for their juice, add kikkoman soy sauce, add salt and pepper to taste. And you can add chicken parts to the mix for a great meal. learned this in the military while stationed over seas, poor mans meal that taste better then steak!! You grill it and keep basting it with the marinade it was in, for about 25 30 minutes, can go a little longer for the chicken. But I have not tried this ever on the Holland grill and wondering if 20 minutes would be enough? Ribs only.
What I plan to do is split then up to two different meals. One half with rice, and the other half with sauerkraut. I simmer my kraut with salt pork added caraway seed apples sliced for two three hours. The kraut is rinsed and soak in cold water before hand to remove the sower taste.

Anyways I bought a new Weber gril for steaks and meals like this one. only the ribbs came out chewy last time and I think the Holland may keep the juices in and more tender. So want to try it out, but again not sure how long to go? thanks for any hints!! And remember I will keep opening the grill to bast, but maybe this would not be necessay on the Holland?

Bob Bailey

I should add that if you make the sauerkraut, you do not add the ribs until the simmering is over, then add the ribs to the kraut, and that will add even more wonderful taste. Simmer a little longer until the ribs are heated up. The ribs should be waiting in the fridge until ready for them!

Bob Bailey

When simmering the kraut, add enough water to cover kraut, and maintain that level during simmering and keep covered during simmering.

Tom Kirkman

Takes me about 2 hours total.