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Topic Title: So far - not impressed
Created on May 15, 2013 at 09:20 PM


Purchased my Holland Apex Monday. Of course dealer did not have the Sear Mate unit or the NG orifices for the grill or the SM - called all over - no one stocks these.

Anyway, dealer had the SM and the orifices drop shipped to my home - received them today and began assembly. Fit and finish leaves much to be desired. Two of the hood hinge holes are stripped. The flame deflector plate that you can see when looking down into the grill is factory assembled crooked, a corner of the (very expensive) stainless steel sear mate is bent as though it was dropped then stuffed into the box for shipping.

In order to route the gas hose for the sear mate, you have to remove one of the drip pan rails. One screw removed quite normally, the other with great difficulty - telling me right away it was not going to go back in normally and it doesn't.

It's after business hours and Holland is closed. I left them a VM and a message via their website.

We'll see how well they respond. At this point, I am seriously considering returning the entire $1,700 "investment". Very disappointing.



Not glad to hear that. I'd call the dealer initially and work with them you should get satisfaction. Always best to give them first shot in my opinion. If no satisfaction then give HG a call.


Being a dealer myself I would agree with JC


Ordinarily, I would agree. However, in this instance, the dealer did nothing wrong. They were great to work with and did everything they promised. The problem is the quality of the workmanship - or lack thereof - that went into the grill itself and the Sear Mate unit.

The dealer is a 120 mile round trip for me. Why should I have to blow a day hauling defective parts back and forth? And, the dealer has no more in stock so replacements would have to be ordered.

If Holland seriously wants to rectify the issues, they can FedEx the appropriate replacement parts/units to me and I'll be happy to return the defective pieces to them in that same packaging - at their expense.

Upon closer scrutiny of the Sear Mate packaging, it is possible that the dent occurred during shipping. Holland does not package that unit very well. It is protected with nothing but cardboard. IMHO, it should be in a styrofoam shroud then cardboard.

Holland has been in contact with me this morning and I am waiting on a call back from them advising me how they are going to handle this. Nothing proves the medal of a company better than how they handle/resolve issues such as these. I'll keep you posted.


I sure hope you get that problem rectified pronto. Especially seeing how I may have unfortuantely steered you in the wrong direction on the purchase.

Please do keep us posted.


JC - you steered me in a GREAT direction. I still love the concept of the Holland grill and am looking forward to getting this positively resolved.

I received a bunch of accessories that I ordered a couple of days ago - prior to receiving the Sear Mate and beginning assembly. Among them is the Holland Family cookbook. Now I want this to work out more than ever!


I am very pleased to tell you that Holland didn't waste any time standing behind their products. They replaced the entire grill and Sear Mate via their regional distributor near Lima, Ohio. The distributor is having a large, "open house" event for their dealers this coming Tuesday. They were going to ship the replacements with the fellow I met last week who was doing a demo up in Hudson, MI. and who would be attending the open house.

While I appreciated that and the generosity of Van's (the demonstrator) willingness to do that for me, that would also mean he'd have to drive the defective pieces back down to the distributor. They are actually in Spencerville, OH which is about a two hour drive from where I live in Toledo. Coincidentally, Van also lives in Toledo. I just thought that was going way above and beyond and that Van shouldn't have that burden. So, we made arrangements with the distributor and drove down yesterday to swap out the units.

The folks at the distributor couldn't have been nicer and more accomodating. Special thanks to Jennifer and Dave. They had the replacement unit (in pristine shape I might add) completely assembled and ready for us to load up. Of course, while there, we found some Holland accessories we couldn't live without. If you ever find yourself in the area of Spencerville and have some time to kill, check out their distribution center - a very impressive operation.

Again, my thanks to all involved. Holland has made a believer out of me. We're about ready to fire up the unit for the initial burn off and will be cooking a nice "Carolina Pork Loin Roast" later this afternoon.

Many have commented that cooking time is measured in the number of beers required. How many beers do you suppose a 3 1/2 lb. pork loin roast takes? ;)


Now thats what I'm talking about.

Check for a PM in that other place.



You are one amazing Gentleman. The world would be such a better place if we had a few billion more like you.

My VERY Best Regards,