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Topic Title: Flame adjustment
Created on May 16, 2013 at 12:19 PM


Have a new Wrangler that I have cooked on 3 times.
Checked the flame per instructions, and during warm-up
it is the prettiest blue flame with only a touch of
yellow tip. However, after I start cooking, the flame is solid yellow with no blue at all.
Is this normal, or do I need to adjust?
Food tastes great.

Franklin D

The change in flame color during cooking is normal. The air-shutter adjustment should always be made with the lid open & no food on the grill. Mostly blue with small yellow tips, then leave it alone. The color will change as you add food & close the lid. Usually more yellow.


Hey, thanks! Figured it was probably normal since food
was so good. Man, I love it!