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Topic Title: rotisserie
Created on May 24, 2013 at 02:08 PM


Has anyone ever seen a rotisserie for their Holland? It doesn't have the cutouts on the side of the grill to buy a regular rotisserie.


Due to the no flare up on the Holland you do not need a rotisserie like you do on a flame thrower.
I have cooked numerous turkeys, chickens & roasts on mine & never say the need for one.


Do you put the chicken directly on the grill or put something under it?



Put it right on the cooking grid, make sure the drain valve is open so grease drips to the bucket.

If using a Companion forget about the valve it doesn't have one.

Phoenex Grills which are somewhat like a Holland with temp controls does offer a Rotis but for the life of me I can't figure out why they need to sell that accessory. Chicken on the Phoenix is just as great as on my Holland and I never bought a Rotis for it.


I am a big fan of Gyro sandwiches, spit roasted. I am interested in the rotisserie use for this purpose. Any good ideas?


Jackie, the only reason you need a rotisserie is to keep the flames from burning the meat. Cook the meat directly on the cooking grid until the meat is cooked the way you desire.


I'm with "Grillin" I think making GYRo meat on the Holland is completly doable right on the cooking grate. Yes it won't be sitting in the vertical position like a traditional gyro meat cook but the Holland does cook much like a Rotis. Spicing would be critical.

I have never attempted this cook (Gyro's) on the Holland but I have done Spiedies and they turned out fantastic.