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Topic Title: Trouble Lighting
Created on May 26, 2008 at 12:02 AM


My ignitor dial isn't lighting my grill. I thought the dial may have been stripped, So I put a new dial on the grill. It still spins on it without lighting the grill... I can take a pair of pliers and can turn the ignitor and it will start it up. Can the actual metal rod that turns under the plastic dial go bad or stip out?

@ Mark

It sounds like you are not getting the igniter knob pushed down far enough so that it locks onto the igniter stem. If you try to use it not locked into place, it will strip the knob & possibly the stem also.
Examine the end of the stem & the inside of the knob to see which is stripped. you may have to get both new parts. Just make sure you push the knob down on the stem hard enough that you hear it click into the locked position.