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Topic Title: Legacy Heat
Created on May 28, 2013 at 07:28 PM


I have an older Legacy I stopped using, as the heat would not get much over 325. I completely took it apart and cleaned everything to nearly new condition. The flame is nearly a perfect blue coming out of the burner, with occasional yellow flecks. I had it hooked up directly to the main propane tank of the house, and then tried a portable tank - no difference. Help, I really liked the grill but 325 is too low! Thanks, Bill

@ Bill

Call Holland with all the specific info on your grill. They can trouble-shoot over the phone, but they need to be able to ask questions.


Waht information is neede?

@ Bill

model number, serial number, age of grill, type of fuel, appearance of flame, max heat at exactly 30 minutes. Also, any parts changed since new, any modifications & what maintenance has been done.
You would be surprised at how many people call up not even knowing which model they have & say "It took an hour to cook my burgers!" What is wrong with my grill?


I once again took the entire grill apart, cleaning everything to nearly new condition. I replace the .57 orifice with a .55. It now heats up beautifully. I'm sure this is not recommended, but nothing else seemed to work.


I too have had the Legacy for a number of years and have dealt with the low heat I've called Holland twice and followed their recommendations with no better luck. The flames are a blue color as recommended. If the outside temperature is cool to cold or if there is the slightest breeze my grill never gets above 300/325. If the outside temp is extremely hot and there is no wind, it will get to 350/375. I've just learned that things have to cook a lot longer. If it ever wears out which I'm not sure it will, there are now some flameless grills on the market that are not nearly as expensive which I will look at.


With my Legacy I know if you pay attention to the hood temp gauge you will get a little concerned about temp. However after I bought a cheap grate thermometer all my concerns vanished. Grate Temp runs between 420 and 440 depending on wind.

Can't speak for cold weather I have never used it after Thanksgiving which is still pretty mild here in Va Beach, I head south at that time.


I did purchase an oven thermometer and set it on the cooking surface. It did confirm the low temp. Very happy with the orifice change.