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Topic Title: Grill not getting hot
Created on June 4, 2013 at 10:35 PM

Dave Halter

Living in Wisconsin and grilling over 250 times a year I was having trouble getting enought heat so I got a gas line with a regulator where I could adjust the amount of gas from the tank,bought it from Ace hardware very similar to the one I use on my deep fryer,and the one on my gas smoker, I can get temp. of grill up to 350 degrees in 3 min. it has turned a good grill into a great grill!!! can also adjust the heat if I want to cook slow.

@ Dave

Keep in mind that when you reduce gas flow to the burner, you are "leaning" out the flame. Less gas-same air. Lean flames can go out or blow out unexpectedly while still adding gas to the grill. Be careful, don't turn your grill into a bomb.

The Holland Grill Company

Our grills were not designed to be used with an adjustable regulator. This is UNSAFE and will void any and all warranty for a Holland Grill.

Floyd A

You have added a "high pressure" regulator to your grill designed to be used with a "low pressure regulator". This is an unapproved "modification" which automatically voids your warranty.
Even more important, if you crank the regulator up too high & get the grill too hot, you risk having a fire & damaging the grill or worse damaging your house. Insurance companies don't like unapproved changes like this.

Dave Halter

I only take the temp up to the green area I've used the adjustable regulator for over 3 years now with no problems or blow outs the regulator that came with the grill never got the temp. up to 300 degrees it just plain sucked.I only use the grill out side I understand about the flame and adjust the air accordingly. As for the warranty as much as I use the grill its in great shape and if I have to replace it down the road I will with another Holland I've had 2 gas webers that I wore out and replaced parts on.

@ Dave

Just FYI...
Your original hose/regulator & all low pressure hose/regulators have a federally mandated QCC safety valve in the regulator that will block off gas flow if you have a leak or if you turn the grill on/off in the wrong sequence. (drop in pressure)
If the safety valve partially activates, typical max heat on a Holland is about 300 degrees.
That, more than likely was your original problem.

Dave Halter

Thanks for all the info guys,maybe will get a new, Holland hose and regulator if it doesn't do what I want I'll go back to what I have.


I wonder what would happen if put the larger orifice from the non-SS models into the SS Apex? How hot would it get?

Capt Steve

Or just wrap some foil around one of the stacks!!!!!

The Holland Grill Company

We do not recommend wrapping either stack with foil. This could cause the flame to blow out and yet your gas flow would still be filling up the inside of the grill. Please call us and we can assist you in getting the temperature in line on your grill.

John Jarmain

I also live in the frozen Tundra of Wisconsin and Yes my Holland Legacy( 15 years old and still cranking out awesome meals doesn't work well in the colder months( summer OK ) but the other 11 months it never gets above 300 degrees and that's fine if you want to cook steaks for an hour but I don't I like Dave's idea of the adjustable regulator. Lets face it I'm not spending another grand on a grill that take an hour to cook something. I will try a new Holland regulator then if that doesn't work I will buy a adjustable regulator. And if that fails I'm going vegetarian. I also remember the stacks used to have a mesh inside and we were told to remove because it would over heat. Maybe I should put those little babies back in and try that.


I would give Holland a call. It is not out of the question you could have gotten the wrong orifice in your grill. I had one that would not get above 300 any time of the year. I called & got one size larger orifice & that took care of the problem.


Have about had it with the grill. Called Holland for info back a month ago. Cleaned out grill and tested the grill and I barely got in the green. They told me that was normal.
Went to cook my turkey today and guess what. Same problem and would get over 100.
Rest regulator a few times but no go. I dont like things that dont work. Hopefully a new regulator will do it.


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