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Topic Title: Apex or Wrangler
Created on June 8, 2013 at 04:25 AM


I have 2 Holland grills and LOVE them. I am in the market for another and can,t decide if I want the new SS Apex or stick with the Wrangler (black). I was told today by a dealer that the SS doesn,t get as hot or hold heat as well as the others! I was shocked. Any suggestions or recommendations?

Kay again

I also want to know if anyone knows anything about Holland coming out with a new side burner sometime this summer, if the searmate works well, and does anyone have the Can Cooker and if it works well? Thanks

Mike G

You will not be disappointed with the Apex. Mine holds the temp right at 400 degrees. And you will never have to worry about rust. The Apex is worth the extra money.


I'm like you Kay I have two Hollands (cart models). I have and older Classic and a SS Legacy. I see no discernable differences in cooking temp in fact I think the Legacy is maybe a bit hotter.

I also have a Companion that I lug along in the M/H and never leave home without it

I don't think you can go wrong with either one but If I could swing it I'd go with the Apex.




My understanding is the stainless holds heat a little better. Hence the smaller burner. I had a Wrangler for a couple of days but it wouldn't light and the dealer couldn't fix it so I swapped and got the Apex. This has turned out to be a very good decision.



Yes the Apex holds heat but the burner is the same size. The difference is the orifice.


Kay, I have the Apex and have absolutely no issue with it holding the heat. Mine heats right up to around 480 - 20 to 40 degrees less in a stiff wind. I also have the SearMate and love it. That puppy does get HOT, HOT, HOT. Getting a perfect sear on anything you desire is a good thing. As mentioned above, tuna (or swordfish) steaks a few minutes on either side and you've got good eats. For my taste, the same method for a good beef steak is Heaven. For my better half, it needs a few minutes inside the Holland after the SearMate. For the most versatility, I highly recommend the SearMate with your Holland.

Another quick shout out to JC who I see has posted on this topic. JC is the one who made me aware of the Holland. I couldn't be more pleased. I never knew that grilling could be so simple and achieve such fantastic results on a grill. I truly do believe that one could cook anything perfectly on a Holland. Thinking of doing a turkey on it this weekend. Can't wait to see how that turns out.

I'm so fond of my Holland that I gave my 15 year old Weber Platinum Plus to my neighbor. Aside from having limited storage space in the garage, I simply saw no reason to keep it.


I have had my Apex for 5 yrs. now and I love the way it cooks. It heats up good, holds the temp good, and cooks great. NO PROBLEMS HERE... (=:)