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Topic Title: Regulating Temp
Created on June 15, 2013 at 11:43 AM


OK, I read all the posts on how to lower the temperature on the grill. I added water to the drip tray and also have propped the lid open a bit. I am cooking on a covered porch in a woodsy area, morning hours, so the temperature outside is very comfortable.

The temperature of the grill is still reaching 300-350 degrees. Instructions for cooking a Boston butt say to keep the temperature between 250 and 300 and I am unsuccessful at managing this. I wanted to "slow cook", but am unsuccessful at obtaining the desired temperature. Any ideas?


Good question Debbie, I would like to know that myself...

Tom Kirkman

How much water did you add to the drip tray? You need to fill it to the brim and as it steams out add more (hot, not cold water) to try and keep it as full as possible.

The less water you have in the drip tray, the higher the heat will climb.


I'll attest to Tom's response. I grilled last night putting water in the drip pan for the first time since I've had my Holland - just over a month now.

I initially filled the pan about half way and found the temp to still be too high. So, I kept adding more water and found the more I added, the lower the temp went finally getting it down to about 280.


How full can you guys get your pan? My pan doesn't seem to sit real level so the water doesn't fully cover the entire pan very well. And yes, my grill is on a level surface.


Sometimes the pans aren't in the brackets all the way. They will seem like they are so if your grill is level I would check this.