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Topic Title: Boston Butt!
Created on June 17, 2013 at 01:27 PM

Deacon Dash

I cooked my first Boston butt on my Wrangler for fathers day. I have always used charcoal in the past believing that gas would dry the butt out. I was reluctant to do it at first because my in-laws were coming over (food critics) and I didn't want to mess up dinner. My father-in-law is a pretty good griller himself on his Weber but he's been ogling my Holland and is very inquisative. At the last minute I threw caution to the wind and decided to cook an 8 pound butt. I watched the video on this website and used the Holland Carolina seasoning and the Private Stock chicken and chop rub. Four hours later we had an awesome butt that was as good as any that I have eaten. In-laws were very impressed. Thanks Holland. I love this grill!


Did you use the water and lower the temp or did ya just put it on and let it roll and not open the lid? I want to try one on my Epic soooooon...


I have done them both ways but like using the water to cook it slower.

Deacon Dash

Sorry for the late response. I just threw it on the grill for 2 hours, took it out and double wrapped it in HD aluminum foil and stuck it in for another 2 hours. It came out awesome. I have done at least 4 more since my original post and they have all been great(watch the video). I can't believe how easy it is to do. Gonna try a turkey next. I love my Wrangler!


Try the turkey SOON! If you liked the BB on the Holland, you will go crazy with the turkey. Did my first one two years ago and now everyone in the family wants their turkeys from the Holland. Heck, even my kids will ask for a Holland turkey in the middle of the summer. Been trying to get my kids to eat a regular dry turkey at Thanksgiving for years and now it is no problem and they will even ask for the white meat!!


Yeah. We cooked a Boston
Butt on the Holland too. Got the directions and rub from the Holland cookbook- it was AWESOME!

Deacon Dash

Cooked the turkey, 13 lbs., it was a little snug under the Wrangler lid but it worked. Turkey was awesome. I love my Wrangler!

Deacon Dash

Just cooked a 12 pound Boston Butt on my Wrangler for New Years Day 2014. Again the results were awesome. I guess I was hungry when I bought the butt, after stuffing 8 people full we still have leftover pork for several more days. I'm lovin' it! HAPPY NEW YEAR FELLOW HOLLANDERS!