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Topic Title: Holland Grill
Created on June 21, 2013 at 01:18 AM


I've had almost every kind of grill available and none cooked as well as my Holland Grill, one of the best purchases my family has ever made. Agree if you like dry charred food the Holland Grill will not be for you, if you want to taste the food with a grilled flavor get a Holland. If you want consistent results time after time get a Holland. Get a timer and trust the grill you will not be disappointed.


Holland grills are for people who like to cook, not char. People are different so grills are different. Sounds like you found a good match with your Holland. Enjoy!


Another item that works well is the wireless thermometer offered by Holland. It is pretty inexpensive and works well. I used it yesterday to roast a couple of whole chickens. Filled my drip pan with water, placed the seasoned birds directly on the grate and walked away. I opened the lid only once to add more water. When the plump little darlings reached my desired temp, I double checked them with an instant read thermometer - which perfectly matched the reading from the wireless - pulled them off and let them rest a bit before enjoying the absolute best roasted chicken I've ever had off a grill.


You and I must have been thinking somewhat alike. Yesterday did some cornish game hens stuffed with mango cous cous.

Sure is nice not having to continually attend to the grill. Lets me futz around doing other things.


Having cooked on flamethrower grills for the last 30+ years, it is truly hard to believe that I can achieve superior results with the Holland without having to stand guard. But it is true.

Now about those mango cous cous stuffed game hens.......sounds amazing.