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Topic Title: price range
Created on June 22, 2013 at 11:54 PM


Would someone give me a price range, we have quite a long drive to get to a dealer to check them out.


The dealers set the final price. Call the dealer before you go.


The dealers must stick with a M.A.P. or minimum advertised price. They can sell them for as much as they wish but most of us stick to the M.A.P.
The Wrangler should be around $639.00, the Epic around $859.00 & the Apex $1049.00


The Dealers has set prices but they can sell them for what ever they want. They are not mandated by Holland to sell at a certain price. they have a recommended price but doesn't mean they have to sell at that price. I got my Epic for around $750..


I'm sorry but as a dealer I must inform you that I have a price that I am not permitted to sell below. We cannot sell them for whatever we want. Holland Grills are sold through distributors & sales reps. I have been reminded over the years by the rep & the distributorship they work for that all dealers must abide by the minimum advertised price.

Tom Kirkman

Right, price fixing and fair trade pricing are not the same thing. Manufacturers can require dealers to sell at the MSRP. This is called fair trade pricing and they can cut off any dealers who they catch discounting.

Now this doesn't mean it doesn't happen. In the meantime, you at least now have some idea what to expect to pay. I can tell you this, even at MSRP, the Holland is a great value.


Thanks Tom!


Here is per Holland Grill Co.

The Holland Grill Co.
Just for the record, The Holland Co. does not and can not tell any Holland Grill dealer what price they can sell a grill for. Each retailer sets their own "selling" price. We do, however, regulate a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP). We also establish a Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP)for each grill, but it's up to each individual dealer to determine what price they actually sell the grill for.
--The Holland Grill Co. 12/20/2012

I agree with Tom, you wont be disappointed at the Holland no matter what it cost!!!