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Topic Title: Frying
Created on July 14, 2013 at 01:47 PM


Hi All - bought a Premier off of Craigslist. Great grill in great shape. The previous owner didn't like it cause it didn't get hot enough.

Well, after cleaning 10 years of gunk off of the drip pan and adjusting the burner it is cooking much hotter.

Problem I'm having is it's like frying. The juices hit the drip pan and it looks and sounds like a frying pan. The blackened juices jump up and get on the cooking grid and food.

Too hot? Too cool? Too other? Unfortunately it does not have a thermometer.

I have no idea what orifice is in it since it wasn't mine originally.

Any thoughts are appreciated.


One other pertinent fact is the grease really seems to be flying around in there. Coming our of some rivet holes and the flame check holes. Maybe this is normal but thought it might help.

Going to call Holland tomorrow if I don't hear back here.


Put a thermometer like the one pictured to see what the temp is. This is most likely what Holland will ask you to do. It seems too hot to me from what you are saying.

@ Christopher

If you are using an LP tank, have you considered that it might have an NG orifice, which would cause it to over heat?
When you call Holland, the first question they will ask you is how hot is it getting at the end of a 30 minute preheat. If you can't answer that,they won't have much to go on.
Get an oven thermometer & preheat for 30 minutes. The older grills like yours struggled to get past 400 degrees. If it gets hotter, it's too hot.

Franklin D

Also, take good look at your flame, color & size. Be sure & have the model number & serial number when you call.
One other thing, some of the older stainless steel grills had mesh filters in the smoke stacks. If yours does, rip them out & throw them away. If they are blocked with grease, they will block air circulation & the grill won't burn/cook right.


Thanks, all.

- I'll put the thermometer on it and check it out. My guess is you're correct it's too hot because it sure cooks much quicker than my last one did.

No mesh in the stacks and I do have yellow tipped blue flame.

Thanks again.


Was cooking at 500 degrees after 30 minutes with nothing on the grill. I ordered the proper orifice. I also found an old Holland hose with valve and orifice from previous grill.

Put that in and it's at 400 degrees after 30 minutes. Can't figure out what orifice was in it if a 57 would be the hottest. I think someone drilled it out.

Anyway the orifice in their now seems appropriate but I'll put the new one in just in case.

@ Christopher

The most logical answer is that the previous owner was using it on NG & had the NG orifice in the grill. NG is lower pressure & requires a larger orifice. They probably put the LP hose & orifice away for future use.
Keep in mind that the orifice sizes are number drill sizes. In number drills the larger the number, the smaller the hole diameter. Number 57 is the correct size for your grill model on LP.


Great to hear. That's what I've ordered. I'll deal with the one in there which seems to be OK until then.

Thanks for all the help.