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Topic Title: apex
Created on May 29, 2008 at 07:33 PM


I have used a old Holland grill for 3 years (got at a garage sale $35.00) it has now played out and Iam looking to buy a new APEX any thoughts and has anybody had any issues.


Have you checked into rebuilding your old Holland? Find your model number under parts/warranty & check the bottom kits available for most models. Got me going again at a very reasonable cost.


I have already taken the side burner off and the grill burner and gave it to a friend. I only paid 35:00 for it 3 years ago and it had a full tank of propane...the bottom collaspe and i didnt want to buy the EZ bottom kit.


I have owned several Hollands over the years. I just wouldn't grill on anything else. The only issue with stainless over the years (and it's just the nature of the metal) is that they have slow recovery time when you raise the lid and they seem to be effected by wind. The new Apex cooks very well. The cabinet design actually blocks wind better and Holland tells me the orifice is two sizes hotter than they used to be "back in the day". I'm very pleased with my new Apex. It's heavy, solid and looks pretty darn good. My kids are fighting over who gets it in the will.