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Topic Title: Cooking ribeye steaks
Created on August 8, 2013 at 06:41 PM


Hi there! I need to cook ribeye steaks 1 inch thick and I would like to sear them first on the new infrared sear mate. I lost the booklet of the sear mate ... to cook them rare, how many minutes on the searmate and how many in the main part of the grill? THANK YOU!! PS: May I receive another infrared Searmate booklet?

@ Marida

You can't tie it down to exact times. Grills vary in heat because of varying gas pressures, etc.
Give the steaks about 1-2 minutes per side on the SearMate, move to the pregeated grill & grill until your internal temperature is about 120/125 degrees for rare. How long that will take depends on how hot your particular grill gets & how many times you open the lid.
Once you get it right, just repeat in the future.


Go to the support section on the web-site, click on Owner's manuals & brochures. Find the SearMate & download/print a manual.