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Topic Title: Wireless Thermometer
Created on August 13, 2013 at 12:29 PM


As owners of the Holland Grill we know how great it cooks all kinds of meat as compared to the flamethrowers but I would suggest that one of the best accessories available is the wireless thermometer. You set the desired temp and when the buzzer sounds, the meat is done. There is no guessing if it is under or over cooked but most important it is safe to eat. You don't have worry about the outside temp, humidity and wind conditions. It's foolproof and since it's wireless you can relax and entertain while the Holland prepares another great meal.


I second that opinion. It is indeed one of the most useful Holland accessories I purchased. And, they're relatively inexpensive.

It's right up there with the half rack accessory.


I third that. Just got my grill 3 weeks ago and wonder why I waited this long. I purchased the wireless thermometer and I real happy I did, sit and relax and when it beeps you know it's time to eat..


I always thought that beeping meant "Quick crack open another cool one", I'm learning something new everyday...