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Topic Title: Holland for sale
Created on August 14, 2013 at 07:52 PM


I was introduced to the Classic about 10 years ago, some friend had one and was upgrading to the Legacy. He actually gave it to his kid who ended up throwing it out to the curb on the night before trash pickup. I rescued it and spent about 2 weeks cleaning it , then found out about the replacement bottom kits.I ordered up a Heritage bottom kit and BAM...I had my first Holland Grill! It still is my favorite. Since then I have acquired 5 more Hollands...2 Premier II,1 Legacy and 2 Heritage plus the Companion. Well it is time to scale back a little. I am in Southern California if anybody is interested. I will be keeping my original Classic/Heritage and the Legacy along with the Companion. Can send pics,prices will be reasonable,$200.00-$300.00. billgonz61@gmail if interested


As you have so many Holland Grills you are the perfect person to answer my question. I am considering the Companion as my RV grill. I have an old Legend which is a take off of the Holland with the same cooking principle and design. My question is will the small Companion with the 4900BTU burner get as hot as the larger models with the 20,000 BTU burners? Thanks in advance for your reply.



I've carried a Holland in my motorhome for 6 years. I've had 3 of them (Companions) and the first year in Fl my inlaws seen the grill and took it home with them. Bought a second one and was able to hold onto it for 5 years. My SIL and daughter who goes to FAU got to cooking on it and they relieved me of it. I just bought my third one and its heading south in 3 weeks and have no intention of parting with it this go around.

The Companion cooks just like my 17 year old Classic and my Legacy. You will notice a difference (not in cooking) the regulator has a light position along with a High/Med/Low setting. Holland recommends to preheat on high and cook on medium (owners manual states on medium setting the companion cooks like the patio models). Time and temps remain the same.

I've had multiple folks in Fl stop by for dinner in the campground and know I've made a few converts out of disbelivers.


Hi JC,
I have gas quick connects on my 5ver and they are after the low pressure regulator. How would you go about hooking up the line from the low pressure side to the grill? Is the regulator/volume valve all in one? I have a weberQ220 as well and was able to remove the regulator and still control the volume/gas flow? Thanks in advance. Steve



I'm not sure of the actual procedure but I have seen it done so I know its doable. However I'm not so sure they removed the regulator supplied with the grill from the equation.

I've heard of folks also of using the Weber Q regulator. They claim the grill gets hotter. Cannot confirm nor deny this. Personally I would not do that the beauty of the Holland is that it is a very forging grill and as Tom Kirkman says repeatable results everytime.

Yes the regulator and what you call volume (I'm reading this as light/hi/med/low) is all in one.

Young Buck

You have to use the Companion Regulator. You will have to run a line before the regulator on the RV.