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Topic Title: Igniter Problem
Created on August 23, 2013 at 09:53 PM


Couldn't get my Apex grill to light. Checked and wasn't getting a spark from my igniter probe. call Holland and they sent a replacement. Installed it but doesn't seem like a real sharp spark. There is a spark but the only way the grill will light using the igniter is after gas builds up they is a poof and then the grill will light. Not a very safe method. Any suggestions?


Gap the electrode to 1/4" & make sure the spark is in the path of the gas flow out of the burner.
Also, the air-shutter adjustment is very important. Blue flame with yellow/orange tips. All blue is too much air (lean) & is hard to light with a spark.


gap is 1/4 in. flame is good. the tip of the probe is about a good 1/4 in below the holes in the burner. does that make a difference?


If the spark is 1/4" below the flame, the grill will not light until enough gas has reached the spark, then all the gas in the bottom will ignite at the same time. Thats why you are getting the "poof" when it does light. Call Holland & explain your problem.


I have mine set at about 3/8"