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Topic Title: My Grill Exploded for the Third Time
Created on September 3, 2013 at 03:02 PM

James Farmer

I bought my Apex grill earlier this year after the dealer couldn't fix a Wrangler I bought trying to save money. The Wrangler would not light period. The dealer took it back because he couldn't get to light either. I then bit the bullet and purchased the Apex. I am finding the Apex hard to light and have had several small explosions in the process. I am becoming scared to light my grill. The wife is really giving me a hard time about my $1000.00 grill that won't sear a stake and now doesn't light. Any ideas???

Tom Kirkman

It defies the odds that you have had two grills that are hard to light. I have had 6 Hollands and they all light on the first stroke of the ignitor.

Make sure your ignitor is throwing a spark. You can do this without turning the gas on. On rare occasions, I have heard of folks having an ignitor that has the two ends a bit too far apart. Bending them closer has rectified the problem.

Surely a call to Holland is in order. I think they could walk you through this over the phone.

One thing is for certain, if you have gas coming out of the burner orifice and you introduce a spark, it's going to light.

Tom Kirkman

BTW, searing (burning) a steak is something you'll get over once you try steak on the Holland. Much better without the acrid char on the outside.


I found out the hard way (only did it once) that if you have trouble lighting the grill and you shut the lid and light terrible things happen


I fixed my neighbors APEX with a similar issue. Take out the oriface and see if you can see light through the hole? If not run a twisty tie wire through it. That fixed his problem.

Jamison's Service Manager

Hello I am the Service Manager for Jamison's Sales and Rental in Shelbyville Kentucky. I deal with all Holland Grill assembly and service here at our store.
I am sorry that you are having difficulties with your grill. Propane can be an intimidating gas to deal with especially if there is a build up of gas. The most important tip I can give you is to open the grill lid before you turn on the propane tank. The lid must be open when you ignite the grill. Otherwise the propane will accumulate in the cooking area and when the grill is ignited while the lid is closed it will create a combustion.
Are you cooking with propane or natural gas? This is an important factor to consider as the grill will require different orifices for the type of gas you use.
Also another important factor is to adjust the air shutter so that only a small yellow tip is on the flame. You want more blue flame than yellow.

Gary Feltner

My Holland would light consistently for many years; then began difficult to light and then impossible. However, you could always light it with a lighter or match. I replaced the lighter mechanism with no luck. Then took everything apart and everything looked good. So I put it all back together but didn't put on the deflector plate. I tried to light it ... AHHHHHHHHHH .... HAAAAAAA!! The spark was going from the anode to the cast iron burner; which is WRONG. The spark should propagate between the anode and cathode. So I bent the anode (one with the ceramic insulator) AWAY from the burner. It then worked like a charm.

Why did this happen?? Over the years, there was a lot of galvanic corrosion of the cast-iron burner (which touches stainless steel). Because of the corrosion and thermal stresses, there was warpage which moved the anode close to the burner. Now you know the rest of the story!!!!