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Topic Title: Cajun Spice
Created on September 3, 2013 at 10:56 PM

Tom Kirkman

Just finished up another batch of outstanding chicken wings on the Holland Grill. They were seasoned with Holland Spicy Cajun and coated with Thomas Sauce.

Holland's Cajun Spice is my favorite all around spice these days. Because it has such a low salt percentage, you can really pump up the heat with it and not worry about over-seasoning your food. Just some really good stuff!

Mike G

Where can you find the Thomas sauce?

Tom Kirkman

Many grocery stores sell it. Otherwise:

I like the original. They make other stuff, but I haven't tried all and didn't much like the ones I did. The original is far and away the best on chicken wings, ribs, BBQ, etc.


One of my favorites on wings is ABC Tropical Chili Sauce.

Something a bit different on wings is Millers Mustard. Not your ordinary mustard by a long shot. Made with Banana Peppers (color scares most folks away) its a bit sweet with a mild kick to it. Tastes nothing like what you think a mustard should/would taste like. Its made in Pa. There is another banana pepper mustard called "Mrs Millers" out of Ohio and its equally as good.