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Topic Title: Favorite Food To Cook On Holland
Created on June 16, 2008 at 01:37 PM


My favorite food to cook on my Holland is about a 1 inch thick Steak. It always comes out so tender and juicy.

Tim from Madison WI

Country style spare ribs are supurb if done right. I have a Companion and use it as a smoker. Wrap hickory shavings (available at Gander Mountain) in heavy duty aluminim foil, poke holes in the top and lay them on the back of the drip pan. They start smoking heavily at about 375*.

Season the meat quite heavily with Weber or Durkee Grill Creations Smokey Mesquite seasoning.

I turn the heat down to low and try to keep the temp at 300 or so. Sometimes I have to crack the top open an inch or so to cool the fire.

You can smoke these ribs at temps as low as 250. It takes longer but it comes out better. The secret is not to rush things. These are done when they are done, and are well worth waiting for.


All of them are my favorite: steaks, roasts, pork loin roasts, ear corn, potatoes, and, breakfast. I do the tube biscuits on the grid, and use a cast iron skillet for eggs in the grill, or on the sideburner. You can do sausage gravy in the skillet as well. You name it, you can do it on the Holland.

Mike R

It is a toss up between turkey, prime rib or pork loin. We use to deep fry our turkeys but no more after fixing several on the Holland - Only way to go.

Roger T

Most loved: Steak, wings, shrimp & pinapple skewers & burgers.

Most complimented on: Pork tenderloins & scallops.

Most often: Whole large roasting hens or boneless chicken breasts.

What I do is look in the freezer Friday night to see what is available to throw on the grill on Saturday. I cook several items at once & we nibble on them all week. Nice for a working couple.


Everything is great! But I like doing whole chickens the most.
When company's coming over it's either salmon or turkey.

Joel in Texas

I have a lot of favorites but the one I'm best known for is a whole buffalo style chicken. Inject a whole chicken with Franks Buffalo Wing sauce, spray the outside with spray butter and put it on the grill for 90 minutes. No need to check on it till 90 minutes is up. Take off grill and let it set about 10 minutes and dig in.

Terry (Illinois)

Hi Joel,
My wife tried the buffalo chicken last night. Of course we love Franks for wings. It was great! The 90 minutes cood time was perfect, and we put a gallon of water in the drip pan so there were no overcooked edges. She also used squeeze Parkay as a rub over the surface of the skin. She thought it was really messy, but the results were great.
She filled the small injector we have twice, I think next time we'll use more? Any hints on injecting would be appreciated, Thanks

Joel in Texas


Glad you enjoyed it...I always just follow Tony Chachere's instructions...1 oz per pound, inject both sides of breast, each thigh, and each drumstick...I've never used the water in the drip pan for this and reallyseenoneed the way, I've tried all Tony C's flavors and like the wing sauce the best!!!!!!