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Topic Title: Original lid on a Wrangler?
Created on October 12, 2013 at 06:58 PM

Keith R

Hello all, my faithful original Holland has passed away after 23+ years. The bottom steel case shell has rotted. I am looking at the new Wrangler with its aluminum bottom case and I understand it is a good cooker as it is. I was really wondering about my good two stack upper lid from my original - can I occasionally reuse it when cooking large items that don't fit under the new lid? I know I can reuse other parts like the grate and drip pan but I'm just trying to decide what to keep and what to take to the dump. thanks.

@ Keith

Measure it!
If the width & depth front to back are the same & if the hinge hole pattern is the same, it will work. You would need to drill the holes to transfer the old lid stops over to the Wrangler. Let us know if it works.