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Topic Title: Inadvertent craigslist find
Created on October 22, 2013 at 11:49 PM


Well I go to buy a used fridge on local craigslist for my shop and the guy has it in his basement so I pass after working to get it out. He call the next day and he says it outside if I still want it. I told him I wold give him 80 instead of the 100 he wanted because I have to make two trips. He said fine....

I get there and he has it next to a Holland grill. I ask how he likes it and he said he doesn't use it much and would sell it for $20 if I wanted it. It even had a half full tank of propane so how could I pass. Its the Heritage model and it is in very good shape. Just missing the knobs on the front. It does have the stainless side burner as well.

I'm never one of those lucky guys but my time came around today. If I don't like it I think I can get my money back...haha !!


Nice find.

Give a fair shake when testing I think you will be very happy.


I've been reading and getting some tips. I guess this is the Heritage Plus. I have a regular gasser, a Green Egg, a converted 1950s refrigerator smoker, and I'm happy to add this to the family.


You got on heckuva deal Wildman!