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Topic Title: Smoking II
Created on June 26, 2008 at 11:34 AM

Martin James

I'm new to Holland cooking. I am interested in doing a lot of smoking on the grill.

I want to get more flavor than the smoking tray can offer, so I will put an additional tray on top of the grease pan (in the back left corner). I will use pellets.

Any ideas / experiences out there?


I too like lots of smoke flavor. I normally use 2 of the individual bud trays in the back of the drip pan, but have used as many as 3 at times. Believe me, you need to take a deep breath before opening the lid to put the food on, because the smoke inside will take your breath away & make your eyes water.
Again, the secret is to preheat the grill with the buds already inside & do not open the lid to put food on until smoke has been coming out of the chimineys for at least a couple of minutes.

Martin James

Thank you "OldGuy"!

That's what I was thinking I ought to do... and thanks for the info about looking out for the smoke.