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Topic Title: The Vintage
Created on November 12, 2013 at 08:13 PM


I was just checking out the Holland website and noticed a new model (The Vintage) and the Maverick and Wrangler were not featured on the homepage. When you pull up the grill list they are both listed as out of stock. Have they been discontinued? I love my Wrangler. I recently cooked a 13lb. turkey on it and wished I had the smokestack lid for a little more clearance but I made it work (turkey was awesome). Just curious. I still love my Wrangler. Did I say that yet?


The Vintage looks to be a remake of the old Legacy LS which was an all aluminum top & bottom style grill. I like the 2 castors & 2 wheels much better than the 4 castors on the current Apex & Epic grills. I see they went back to the stacks.


I agree with Grillin. I love my Epic but wish it had been available with the two full sized wheels and two castor setup. Far superior to 4 castors!!


yes, they have been discontinued.


Well it appears it has the 2 small legs or feet like the Heritage & not the castors. Still better than the 4 castors on the Apex & Epic.


THE STACKS ARE BACK. I believe that the parts are available to add the wheels in place of the 4 caster set-up. Call Holland to made sure, My older Legacy has 2 wheels, looks like you could drill one side of the base and install the axle, spacer, and wheels, Don't forget caps for the wheels.