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Topic Title: problems lighting
Created on June 27, 2008 at 11:45 PM


Hi, our Classic II is about two months old, maybe even less. The grill was working fine until last Sunday, when it just plain refused to light. The nice folks at Holland sent me a new regulator (I did the QCC valve check test many, many times), and we put it on. Still no lighting.

We've adjusted the air shutter, did the soapy water test--nothing.

What might this be?!?




Hey Megan

Are you sure it's a Classic II? Holland quit making those several years ago. A Classic II does not have an igniter and you have to light it yourself with one of those long lighters. If this is the case, you're just not getting gas. You should be able to stick your lighter through the lighting hole, click it on, turn on the gas and it should light. Borrow a neighbor's tank if possible. Be sure your holding the lit lighter next to the burner when you turn the gas on. Just a few ideas...let us know how it comes out. Good luck


Yeah, it is a Classic II--we got it on wicked sale.

So, yeah, it turns out we're idiots, and we had run out of gas! When I called Holland, the guy I spoke to said he used his grill a lot, and he needed a new tank every 3-4 months, so I discounted that as a problem.

But it turns out we must've cooked a lot the first month, since it was the gas. It's working fine now. Duh.