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Topic Title: Turkey
Created on November 23, 2013 at 07:20 PM


Has anyone done a 20 lb turkey on the grill???? Will it work or to big???????? Would the cook time be the same???? Thanks Bob


yes I've done 20 plus lb. turkeys before allow about 3hrs 45 mins. and I always use a temp probe to be sure its done

Jamison's Service Manager

Here at Jamison's we have cooked eight turkeys throughout the holiday season! Every one has been delicious and extremely tender. We cook them as a demonstration and the most common question we get from our customers is: " is that a real turkey!?". There were two 12 pound turkeys cooking on the company's demo grill the Epic on Saturday 11/23/2013. Good luck with the 20lbs turkey! I'm sure it will be a hit for Thanksgiving. Happy holidays!


I just did a 22.5 lb one on mine.
Just cook to 180.
I put it on about 9 and it was ready at 2 - 2:15.
Turned out great as usual.
I'm gonna figure a way to make a Cajin turkey for next year.

Go Cats!!

I cooked a 19.5 and it took 4 hours to cook to 180 on my Wrangler. It was really cold in KY on Thanksgiving day so I was concerned it may take a little longer but that was not an issue. Only used the Carolina seasoning and the smoke box and it was PERFECT!!! This was my third turkey and all three have been great on the Holland.


Did anyone smoke a 8-12lb turkey this thanksgiving? Hints?