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Topic Title: 12# Pork Loin
Created on November 26, 2013 at 10:53 PM


Just curious does anyone have a estimated time per pound to cook this large of a pork loin on my Apex Holiand grill.


Did you cook your 12# pork loin? How did it turn out? How many minutes per pound did you cook it?
Was it stuffed? I am cooking an 8# butterflied stuffed pork loin for Christmas and would like to do it on my grill but don't have much info except the desired internal temperature. Since my grill only cooks at 400 degrees I am a little nervous about ruining my roast for lack of guidance. Any advise would be appreciated.


Everything I have cooked on my grill has totally rocked....I am in the same boat with you 2 as I am cooking a huge piece of meat and of course you want to have a time frame....I def recommend a internal temp gauge, I will go thru my recipes for my pork loin and post back and times


Here's a link to a time cooking chart Holland has on their website that might help. Porkloins, no matter how big, usually take me 1 1/2 to 2 hours to cook. They're usually all the same thickness, the bigger ones are just longer so they take the same amount of time. I always cook until it reaches about 160 degrees F inside the meat.


you might have to cut and copy that link.