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Topic Title: Calling all Companion Owners
Created on July 1, 2008 at 12:42 AM

Tim from Madison

How clean does every keep their Companion?

I grilled 10 lbs of chicken legs and there was quite a grease build up. The inside of the lid was very greasy - I sprayed on some Dawn Power Desolver, let it set for about 15 minutes, sprayed it again with clear water and the grease just dripped off. It does a great job but it takes a long time to clean the grill.

How often do you other Companion owners do good cleaning and how do you do it?


I don't own a companion, but the only thing I keep clean on my TributeLS is the drip pan and vacuum the lower unit. I think the inside lid is "seasoned". It's a grill, not an oven. I may be wrong, I'd like to hear about it! Thanks.


We don't often do 10 lbs of chicken on a little portable Companion. Sounds like you need a full size Holland.
Seriously, try a putty knife to get under & peel off most of the built up grease first. Most people with Hollands that are used frequently just clean the drip pan & cooking grid after each use with a putty knife & brass brush, but never get them spotless.

Kathy B

I have one that I bought several years ago - used it once and it took so long to cook the food - never used it again because it again took so long to clean - I am a neat freak and I wanted it to look spic and span! Just got an old Holland from my brother after he upgrated. I am excited to use it and not worry because it isn't stainless!

Tim from Madison

Hi OldGuy,

I did have to cook off the chicken legs in three batches. Great to have a couple zip-lock bags full of cold chicken in the frig for unexpected company.

A full size Holland sounds great, but it would not fit in the storage compartment of the motor home.