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Topic Title: larger model grill
Created on July 6, 2008 at 10:41 PM

Charles F. Rash

I was at a party in Middletown,Del.A fellow name Wayne i think it was,had a holland grill on a pull trailer.He stated he paid 4,200 dollars for this grill. I did not see this grill in your pamplet that you sent me.This grill was at least three times larger than the models in pamplet. what is this grill and how can i get information on it? Thank you.


Sounds like you are referring to the commercial grills.

Call Steve @ the Holland Co. 800-880-9766.
He'll answer all your questions.

Big Poppa

I have the commercial version mounted on a 16' trailer and love it. We have fed over 500 people on several occasions. Chickens and Boston Butts are juicy and fall apart. Steve is the main to talk to, he is a great guy and will help you out.