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Topic Title: Converting LP to NG
Created on July 15, 2008 at 10:22 PM


I am really having a problem converting the Holland Grill from LP to natural gas. Have replaced orafice and still is not working...any ideas?



What do you mean by "it's not working"? How do you have it hooked up. Is it burning but not getting hot enough or will it not burn at all?
You would be way ahead of the game if you called Holland & let them help.


It will not burn at all...appreciate any help



If it will not light at all, no gas is getting into the burner.
If you unscrew the gas supply hose from the gas valve,do you have any gas coming out of the end of the hose?
If you do, you probably have a blockage in the grill gas valve or behind the orifice. Clear the gas valve & orifice & try again.
If you have no gas flow from the end of the hose, you have a blockage from there back towards your house shut-off valve.


Thanks - I'll try that.

I appreciate your help very much!


Just completed my conversion. Works great!
I simply drilled the grill orifice to 5/64" (It was smaller than 3/64" as it is an old Classic). I did not change the side-burner orifice.

The side burner now has a perfect flame height at full open -with propane had to throttle-back the flame.

I connected to 1/2" gas line which also feeds indoor gas logs. Grill has it's own shutoff. Ace sells a 5' hose for $18, but I got a 6' hose from Apex Propane for $12, it comes with 3/8" flare nut we require and added a 1/2" male NTP which attaches directly to the shutoff.