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Topic Title: Hey - Where's my little spice bottle?
Created on February 1, 2014 at 09:48 AM


I was thrilled when I saw the one cent shipping sale email for Valentine's Day
- I am in LOVE with your Greek Pepper!
But I don't see the small bottles for sale- I'm not cheap but I hate to spend money to give someone a big bottle of something they may or may not like- I was gonna order my mom an assortment pack but I don't see that for sale either!
Pleeeeeese don't get rid of your Greek Pepper and spices, I love them!


They only have the large bottles now.


I bought some of the small jars a while back. Chargfed me almost $9 to ship it. The much bigger bottle still just cots $9 to ship it. Seems like a better deal.