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Topic Title: Rib Rack?
Created on July 17, 2008 at 09:26 PM


I was looking to purchase a rib rack for my Holland. Is it no longer available or is it somewhere besides the "Grill Accessories" tab?

Thank you, love the Holland by the way. Use it every day.


The rib rack was apparently discontinued recently, but my contact says they might have a few left in the warehouse. Give Holland a call, you might get lucky.

Terry (Illinois)

I bought the half grid from Holland, It will help you extend your grill space for ribs and anything else you need.


Thanks so much for the info, I will get in touch with them very soon.


Sorry to use the "W" word but Weber has some nice rib racks. Home Depot has them. Hard to clean but you can really add a lot more ribs and chicken to the grill with these.