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Created on February 25, 2014 at 11:21 PM


Was there a problem with the interior height space or was it the vent system going out the back instead of the top stacks. Need a new grill but will wait until the new ones come out. I'll prop the old one with some wood so it will not fall over with a half a pig up there.

Franklin D

In my neck of the country, the more modern styling did not resonate. The 2 stacks are traditional & are a brand identity for Holland. I am sure the Maverick & Wrangler will be supported with parts available for several years. There was nothing wrong with them, they just didn't look like Holland grills.
If I know Holland, they have something in the works for a more traditionally styled, lower price model or models. I have no doubt they will have stacks.


They already do. It's called the Vintage.


Amen, Grillin. The Vintage is the only grill I'd prefer over my Epic. Well, a New in Box Tradition would be OK too.

David C

Why was castaways comment removed?

Franklin D

I don't know why Castaway's comment was removed except it may have been a little too "in your face". My previous comments about a lower price Holland grill did not include the Vintage because it was not intended to be the lower price grill in Holland's lineup.
I would expect something more in the line of the older Classic II. All of the quality, but none of the bells & whistles of the high end grills. Maybe 4 simple legs instead of a pedestal, no igniter, etc. The Classic II was the same size & cooked the same as the other grills, but it was less expensive to fabricate. Remember, Holland still manufactures the grills in Georgia, USA. It's hard to compete with most other manufacturers making theirs in China,


Could that new lower price grill be the Liberty grill I'm hearing about?


I have seen the Liberty on another web site. It has a base very similar to the old Premier. Not sure why it's not on Hollands site yet.


I've said it before on this blog and I'll say it again...I LOVE MY WRANGLER. It's my first Holland and should last a long time. I guess the lid is the only thing different from the "traditional" grill but I'm sure the guts are interchangeable parts. The only time I wished I had a smoke stack lid is when I cooked a turkey. I'm starting to look at my Wrangler as a limited production classic now. (Kinda like a split back windshield "63 Corvette) When it dies I'll get another Holland to replace it. Grill on my brothers!


I replaced my 13 year old Heritage with the Wrangler, but to be honest I wish I had shelled out a few more bucks for the Apex. I miss the twin stacks. However, it cooks like my old one so I'm fine with it. It's only a cosmetic change, the food still tastes the same.