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Topic Title: Uneven heat
Created on April 29, 2014 at 06:55 PM


Facing my older model Holland, the left front side cooks a lot faster than the rest of the grill. Is there anything I could (should) do?


My Classic cooks hottest in the left rear. My Legacy, Apex and Companion in the left front like yours.

I may be way out to lunch here but by design I think the Holland would/should cook hotter towards the left side by the design of the drip tray angled to the right to drain the grease. Hot air rises and I think it (hot air) would have and easy place/less resistance in that area to pool prior to venting towars the stacks.

With that said I do not have a huge variance in temps across the grid. Is your grill level?


Jed asked if your grill is level? If the grill or something inside the grill is not level, more heat will always go to the high side.
Check your grill bottom shell top surface for level first. Is the grill sitting on a level surface or is the surface sloped to drain?
You mentioned that it was an old grill. I would remove the drip pan & check all components in the bottom for rust & levelness. This would include the burner & the flame deflector plate & the drip pan brackets.
Make sure your drip pan is properly seated on the drip pan bracket cut-outs so it is level.
Good luck & call Holland if you need parts.