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Topic Title: refurb. part 2
Created on May 24, 2014 at 08:42 PM

Skip In Virginia

To further my thoughts about refurbishing my Holland grill, I just removed the control panel as I was going to try to adjust the flame (which was burning almost all yellow). When I took the control panel off I discovered at least half of the frame that holds the air shutter had corroded and flaked off. I very carefully made what adjustment I could and put the control panel back on. I really think I need to replace this part (which is also part of the burner). Any thoughts or suggestions will be appreciated.


If your grill is actually 15/20 years old, replace the cast iron burner & the flame deflector plate directly above the burner. Go to the "Parts" page with your exact model number. You can order the parts there.
BTW...The reason your flame is all yellow is because not enough air is getting into the burner to mix with the gas. If you would unscrew your gas valve from the end of the burner & vacuum it out, you would most likely get a blue flame with yellow tips & higher temps. This needs to be done about once a year.

Skip in Virginia

Thanks for the good info, Bruce. What you say makes sense and I'll proceed with this ASAP.