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Topic Title: I Love My Wrangler
Created on June 16, 2014 at 03:07 AM


I just can't say it enough: "I love my Holland Wrangler"! My twin sons graduated from high school last week (with honors I might add). I cooked 2 Boston butts and served 15 relatives for the post graduation festivities. Everybody loved those butts. A few days prior my wife and I and another couple had a graduation pool party for my boys and their son at their house. I loaded up the ole Wrangler in my truck and took it over because we were going to be cooking a lot of burgers. My partner in grilling had an infrared Char-Broil. I have to say it was nice watching the smoke billowing out of my Wrangler from the pre-formed 80/20 burgers from the grocery store knowing they weren't on fire while he had to keep a closer eye on his stuff making sure it didn't burn up (he is an excellent cook by the way.) The burgers turned out great. I LOVE MY WRANGLER PEOPLE!